Thursday, December 16, 2010

Missionary Training Center Week 6


I don't know what my Mexican address is going to be. Could someone let me know?

Also, I've ended up with only a few minutes to e-mail today, so this should be pretty short. Hopefully the package I send makes up for it! Our mailroom is closed from the 22nd to the 27th, by the way. We weren't sure when it opened again last week.

Yesterday our zone received two new districts! Elder Brown and I introduced them yesterday. They seem great, but there are a whole lot of missionaries to get to know. The district that is a few weeks older than us is leaving in a few days as well, which is very strange. But we're really excited to get to Mexico! We put a big Mexican flag over our light and it makes our room very Christmasy.
Our district has made a "No Más Inglés" pact, so things are pretty intense. I didn't speak a word of English yesterday. We play a game called "El Nativo" which I was trying to get points for. We have our last TRC lesson next week because it closes during Christmastime. Last week's TRC lesson was great as well. Elder Brown and I are developing our ability to teach and are growing better and better at working as a companionship.

I know that as I am serving my mission I am doing the Lord's work, and I am strengthened by this fact. I'm working to become more diligent and gain more knowledge so I can be a better servant of the Lord.

Thanks for everything!

- Elder Tingey

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