Hello! I wrote a cool list of things to write about and then left it at
home. Maybe next week I'll send some anachromatic stories. Today was nuts.
We had a ton of changes in the zone, so I woke up at 4 and have been riding
around in a van all day getting everyone to their new areas or with their
new companions. And now my companion is Elder Allen! I'm so pumped. I've
known him for pretty much the whole mission, and we're already really good
friends. So things should go really well.

We had David's baptism on Saturday. It was awesome, and investigators
Estevan, father, and Estevan, son, came. The bishop baptized David and it
he was confirmed in sacrament meeting on Sunday. We had a lesson with David
on Friday. We taught him about the priesthood and about missionary work.
Towards the end of the lesson, as Elder Ovando challenged him to prepare to
serve a mission, I flipped to a picture of missionaries in my gospel art
book that I hardly ever get to use. And then I started just flipping to
other pictures and Elder Ovando kept the theme of the lesson going
according to whatever picture I pulled out.
Picture of missionaries: "Through missionary work, you can help other
people recieve blessings from the gospel..."
Kids weeding a garden with an old lady: "...and they'll continue to serve
other people and help them as well..."
Picture of a temple: "...which will help them prepare to recieve temple
Flip to the disciple Steven seeing God and Jesus "...which will allow them
to have testimony-strengthening spiritual manifestations..."
Flip to Elijah praying a tower of fire down from heaven, and then Jesus
holding a lamb. ...I'm worried that this makes no sense, but it's probably
because I only slept for three hours.

We had a really powerful and spiritual lesson with a cool investigator
named Thalía. Her son, David (different David), is one of the neighbor kids
that Alma brought to church last week. When we first met Thalía, we had a
conversation with her through her curtain trying to convince her to just
come out to greet us, and she eventually did. We brought Alma over to her
apartment, and sat down, and essentially the first thing Thalía said was
that she follows common cultural beliefs of the area, and therefore
worships idols. I asked her what she thought about David going to church,
how she had seen him that week since he had gone. She said it was all
great, but when we invited her, she basically said she lives a sinful life
and can't go to church. I started teaching her about free agency, and her
divine nature. God wants her to choose the right and gives her the means to
do it. My companion lovingly chewed her out and told her she was putting a
terrible example for her kids. And then I explained how the Atonement
allows her to repent, and the importance of truly repenting. I asked her,
"What do you think you have to do?"
She said, quietly, "Come closer to God."
"How do you think you can do it?"
"Going to mass."
"How about you join us at church on Sunday?"
"I'm going to go." (As in, to church.) It was simple, but the Spirit was
very strong in that moment, and Thalía made a large and important step in
the right direction.

I'm out of time. Love you guys.