Thursday, August 30, 2012

Frogs and Clogs

This was a nutty week. Crazy, unheard of things kept coming out of nowhere to stress us out and make us lose precious time. Then, there was a cool turning point and things started looking up. And now the process is starting over again.
La Paz has been in a drought for some amount of years, but ever since Elder Allen got here, it has rained almost every day, and a lot. The day that it rained the most, we were walking home, and we found a frog on the street! So we caught him, named him Slammy, and had a pet frog for a while. We would catch him flies for dinner, but it looks like he may have now been eaten by one of the vagabond cats around our apartments. But, when we arrived home that night, our house was flooded. A bunch of our materials got destroyed. It was awesome.

Through a strange of turn events, we also became involved in the most intense clogging and unclogging of a toilet I've even been a part of. I'll spare the details, but it ended up with rat poison, stuffing hoses into all of the different drains in the house, and Elder Allen putting his whole arm into the toilet, through the... water. In the end the solution was just buying a new, slick plunger.

We also did some proselyting! During most of the week, we were feeling pretty pressured about ending with low numbers. Worrying about the numbers only makes you work worse and have even worse numbers. One night, we decided to contact some referrals of a member who owns a group of apartments. She had essentially told us to knock the whole complex, so we decided to do that. When we got there, nearly all of the lights were off the place looked empty. However, beside the apartments, there's a little shack kind of room that she rents as well, and we saw a young guy sitting inside, playing guitar. We went over and asked him about his guitar, and he let me play it. We ended up sitting down with him and teaching him. He's way cool. His name is Leovardo. The member that was renting to him and already given him some of our missionary pamphlets and he was reading them. We had a great talk, he was really interested, and accepted to go to stake conference with us on Sunday. As we were leaving, we were pretty pumped. My companion told me that during the lesson, he was holding back tears. On the way there, he had said a prayer. He asked to find an "escogido." And we did! He came with us to the conference, along with four other investigators for their first time. We were finally able to get Esteban and Esteban to come after two weeks of Esteban sleeping through his alarm. The conference was really powerful, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Things are going well. Out here, I often feel like my perception of the mission, of myself, and of life get turned on their head and back again. But I'm learning a lot and doing what I can to help others have spiritual experiences that help them recogninze the true Gospel and accept it. Oh, tell Ammon that I wrote him a letter. But, this morning it fell out of my pack at some point between the laundromat and our house. It's already addressed, so who knows. Bye!

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