Thursday, January 6, 2011

Missionary Training Center Week 9


So, the MTC is pretty complicated right now. We haven't recieved reassignments yet, but we've heard that the rest of the Mexican missionaries who were recieving reassignments got them back on Wednesday! Yay! So we're hanging out a bit for the time being. And apparently if you're here for too long, you start to get the short end of the stick on everything. We are now sharing a mailbox with a brand new district who we don't even know, and they get LOTS of mail, so we're always excited to see a full mailbox, but are then disappointed when we only have one letter. And our teachers left. That was kind of sad. But we're having a lot of fun and just learning Spanish still, waiting on reassignments.

I saw Elder Jordan Henrie and Elder Austin Holland from our stake this week! And apparently Elder Colton Jacobson is coming in next Wednesday, so I'm kind of hoping that I'll be able to see him as well. It's funny to see "new" missionaries and feel oh so much more experienced after being here for a tiny amount of time. Harrumph! I'm able to give some good advice to those who are here for there first day because I was in their position very recently.

I was sent technology that I had never even seen before, which was really weird. Apparently these newfangled iPods were out before I left, I wasn't aware. It sure is small, and has amazing screen resolution. It's really cool. A bunch of us really enjoyed the picture slideshow that it has. Thanks for that.

Elder David Stewart Baxter of the Seventy spoke to us on Tuesday and it was AWESOME. He was very Scottish. He just testified of true doctrine for forty minutes and was extremely powerful. He spoke about parts of the Nicene Creed, and would just say, "We do not follow this doctrines because they are false." It was very blunt and logical and I enjoyed it a lot. For me, I can feel the Spirit very strongly when the Gospel is laid out in that manner and analyzed. My testimony has been greatly strengthened of the power of the doctrine in the scriptures. If preach according to the Spirit and testify of what I know, the truth of my message is evident.
We talked to this Mexican Hermana from Mexico City about our mission. She said that she visited Culiacán once and she was robbed by the police. So we're really excited. She also said that all of our watches will be stolen. One of the teachers in our zone served in our mission, and he assured us not to worry. He lived in Culiacán for a year and only got robbed once! And he was forced by a drunk cop at gunpoint to back to his house and sing until the cop's wife put sleeping pills in his beer. But good things happened on his mission too. We've set a district goal to be in Mexico by next Christmas.


Elder Tingey

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