Monday, September 5, 2011

A Cow.

This morning we had a really cool zone meeting in San Lucas. Our zone leaders taught a few concepts about missionary work, but applied them in a really cool way. My mission is part of my preparation for... everything afterward. Life and beyond. So, the better I handle my current responsibility, the better I will be as a father, and the better I will handle my responsibilities in heaven. It was cool. I'll do everything I can right now to help those who I can, but also to grow and become better for future callings.

A few weeks ago, we had an appointment with this guy, Edmundo, but couldn't find his house. We found it during this last week, and we when got there he said, "Hey! What happened to you guys? I made ceviche!" So we missed out on some good ceviche, but we made sure that he didn't miss out on the Gospel. He was really interested in what we taught about the Book of Mormon, and has a few friends who are members.

This week, I'll be going to "seminary" again in Culiacàn. That should be really fun and even more edifying.

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