Monday, February 21, 2011

Elder Tingey Update - Lots of Music

Hi. First thing, I don't think I ever remembered to mention that USPS is supposedly the safest for sending packages.
Also, hi! Elder Brassard and I have been working really hard for the last week. I definitely learned how extremely important it is to be organized in our agendas. We spent a day meeting lots of new people, and both of us assumed the other one was writing all of the addresses and appointment information down. We ended up spending some time trying to find the houses again
(and I've hopefully attached a picture of this neighborhood, in which all of the houses look exactly the same). So from now on, I'm all about writing everything down.
I've been very surprised by the amount of musical stuff I've been doing. We sing at the majority of the lessons we teach. I now play piano for both branches in Costa Rica. I prepared a choir for a ward conference, which was really complicated in Spanish since I know very limited musical vocab. I also got to prepare a special number on guitar for our baptismal service this week. It's been fun.
We are currently teaching a girl named Angie, who lives with her cousins here in Costa Rica who are less active members. When we first met her, we taught her for a few minutes, and I asked her to read a scripture. She said, "I can't read very well in Spanish," in English. We both sat kind of shocked for a few seconds, and I just asked, "Is English your first language?" Turns out she's American and is from Phoenix. So we have been teaching her in English which is SO fun. And hard. We stumble around the language trying to translate back out of Spanish. So that was really strange. But she's been super excited about learning what we're teaching and came to church with us yesterday.
Dillon's going to Brazil?! That is so cool. There are some family members who I'm sure will have lots of advice about the country and about Portuguese. Congratulations Dillon! I will try to send some advice next week when I have more time. I ended up spending a good portion of my e-mail time trying to figure out how to send pictures, so I've now run out of time. I've got it down now, so I should be able to send more of the pictures I wanted to and send a fuller e-mail next time. I don't know which pictures Elder Davis sent through his mom, so I'm probably sending some repeats.

Love, Elder Tingey


  1. The picture of you holding the sun in your hand is very close to the one your Uncle Chad took on his mission. Must be a Tingey thingy. So fun to see the tradition of missionary service carry on.
    (From the old Bishop's wife of Uncle Chad)

  2. Keep up the good work Elder! Sounds like you're doing a great job, working hard and having fun. Glad to hear the dog dazer is getting some good use. You're in our prayers. Love ya!