Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Tortillas

Picture 1: This is the first time anyone has ever let me help make the tortillas.
Picture 2: Mini-companions: all the fun of a regular companion, now in a convenient size!

Things are going really great here in Colhuacan. We've just been working hard all week and we've found a bunch of new people in the very small area of the ward. I really love Culiacán. I'm surprised each time I come to a new area by how different everything is, and this area is no exception.

We had a great lesson with a new investigator, Hermano Armenta, this week. He was explaining that he has some sort of medical problem in which his bone is pressing up against his optical and audio nerve... or something... Point being, he can't hear very well. I was just yelling very, very clearly in Spanish for an hour, only to find that he also can't see well, and so he can't read the Book of Mormon on his own either. We're working with a lot of part-member families and trying to help the ward to activate the less active members. All of the members I've met, especially the bishop, are awesome and super pumped. However, they are very few. We're working on that.

I was asked to speak for the first time in quite a while - three months - so I basically gave the same talk I give in every ward which was also my farewell talk. It changes a little bit each time.

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