Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This was a complicated week.
Tuesday: Divisions. Elder Ames came to Colhuacan with me.
Wednesday: Divisions. Both Elder Sandoval and I went to Mirador for most of the day. I went with Elder Peterson all the way out to a little ranchito outside of Culiacán called Tepuche. It has three streets and one big Catholic church.
Thursday: Yep. Divisions. Elder Lopez came to our area for half of the day, and then we went and got lost for the other half of the day in his area. Mostly I just learned a bunch of Mexican "riddles," like:
En casa de Chi,
Mataron a Ri.
Vino Mo,
y dijo, "Ya." The answer is Chirimoya. My interest in Mexican riddles has declined.

New fruit of the week: Tejocote. Rating: 1/10. With Tony´s: didn´t even bother. It tastes how I imagine erasers taste. Actually, they might make erasers out of tejocotes.

Also, we had Erick's baptismal service after a stake conference on Sunday! Yay! His whole family made it - including future investigator/future brother-in-law of Erick, Jesús). A bunch of members made it out too, and it turned out well.

I learned this week that it's all about attitude. Thursday morning, I didn't feel good. I had just gotten off a nauseating bus, hadn't slept well, wasn't pumped about the complicated day, and generally just had a few things to complain about. But, we had a moment to study, and I just washed up, read some scriptures, said a prayer, and decided to change my attitude. I felt better, and the day turned out really well. It's a simple, but often very difficult action for me to just shift gears and change my expectations for the day, but it goes a long way.

1. Hanukkah came!
2. I lost all of my coins to the draydel game.
3. 4. 5. Erick got baptized!
6. A standard-issue Culiacán stop sign.
7. It's like a little fruit-ball of evil.

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