Monday, February 27, 2012

This is how we move.

This is how we move.
Trying to show how excited we are about the new house.
My companion is Egyptian!
Elder Sandoval and I had a really great last week together. We focused
A LOT on teaching to people's needs, and it worked out really well. We
found some great new families. We started teaching Pedro, who is the
brother of a recent convert from when Elder Richins was here,
Fortunato (they're both like 70 or 100 or something). Pedro is blind.
It's been interesting how our teaching changes because of that. I was
hoping he could read Braille so I would finally have an excuse to
order a Braille Book of Mormon, but nope. He's really great and
surprises me with his comprehension.

We moved into a new house! It is about 50 times better than our old
house, and about a sixth of the size (it's just one room). It is
probably the best house I've seen in the mission, with a washer AND
dryer, air conditioning, and bunk bed - much better than our previous
bed (the floor).

Also, I have a new companion. Elder Lopez, from MichoacĂ n! He was
already in my district, and we've worked together before. Last time I
did divisions with him we jumped off a cliff, and then taught a family
at the bottom of the cliff, who later went to church. So, I'm excited
to work with him.

As for this week, we have some good progressing investigators and
hopes to find many more. We're teaching a girl, Tania, who is from
Kansas! She's cool and reminded me that Americans generally like
reading a lot more than Mexicans. I got her and English Book of
Mormon, and I asked her how her reading was going, and she said, "I'm
only on Chapter 12." Wh-wh-wh-what?

-Elder Tingey

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  1. To Elder Tingey's blogger. I am the mother of Elder Snow who is in the photo 4th from the left on the back row. I "tune in" to this blog because my son is NOT good at writing letters (I get 5 or 6 sentences a week sheesh!) and your Elder is and I get a better feel for what it is like down there. Would you mind sending me that group pic full size? I would be sooo grateful. Seth has a camera but doesn't seem to use it I guess. I get so few pictures. My email is Thank you thank you and thank you for letting me read your son's letters. Love Wendy Snow