Monday, March 12, 2012

Unmarked white van

Biggest news of the week: Tania was baptized. It was a miracle. Her conversion process has been really cool. On Saturday, she just came with us all day and went to all of our appointments.
She was super stressed out, until we went to Bishop Gonsalez's house. He told her about when he had been baptized. She finally decided that she wanted to do it, has just been super happy and unstressed since then. Also, free of sins. A load of investigators made it to the baptismal service, and most of them went to church the next day as well.

We're working with a good-sized pool of progressing investigators. And we were able to find a really good new family during the week. A member had lended them his copy of the Joseph Smith movie, and we arrived right after they had watched it.

We had to go to the immigration offices during the week because our... something... expired, so they could take our thumb prints again and make us take pictures while we're frowning. Elder Schwab and I were walking there when the office van with the rest of the missionaries stopped in the middle of the street so we could get in. I just want to know what everyone thought when they saw two gringos walking in downtown Culiacán who suddenly got pulled into a big, unmarked, white van.

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