Monday, March 19, 2012

Hospital in Culiacan

Luìs was baptized! He's from a part-member family. We've been teaching everyone from the non-Mormon part. Our whole district came to the baptismal service with investigators, and there was a quiceaños party at the church right afterwards, so we just kind of ushered the investigators out to mingle.

I ended up at a hospital in downtown Culiacàn in divisions during the week to give a blessing to a member who was in pretty bad shape. Honestly, it was pretty rough. It was a pretty sad place. But, as we were walking around, loads of people were like, "Elders! I'm a member!" "Hermanos! I'm a member too!" or "Mormones! I'm from Cuba but was baptized in Utah and moved to Mexico!" Just all sorts of stories. It was an experience.

We're continuing to work with some good families and should be able to continue baptizing during this change. We've been trying to utilize lots of ward activities in order to fellowship the investigators really well (I feel like I've forgotten how to speak without mission vocabularly). Elder Lopez and I refer to the street where Luìs lives as the "magic street" because the majority of our progressing investigators live there. It makes it easy to get everyone to church on Sunday. We're planning on having a combined baptismal service next weekend for all of the companionships in our district to finish off the month well.

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