Monday, May 7, 2012

Tighten Up the Screws

Here are some pictures of our sports outing in the morning. We almost had to have a face-off with some local teams to get time on the cool astro-turf field. We also had a strange adventure changing in the backroom of a market because there were no bathrooms at the park. We actually played a bit of American football, which was very odd. I think it was fun for the Mexicans and Columbian Elders who were playing for the first time. 

President Tenorio from the Mexico Area Presidency came during the week! The conference was really great. We put on a musical number (four-part harmony, milagritos) which was fun, I was able to sing with Elder Crabb and Elder Johnson again. First President Cantú spoke. He explained a lot about how to teach in order to have true converts, and avoid losing recent converts to inactivity. Hermana Cantú told us we all have to keep drinking suero. Sister Tenorio read us "the Giving Tree." Once everyone was done crying after that, President Tenorio spoke. O
ne of the things that stood out to me most was his explanation of how the Lord isn't going to do anything for us that we can simply do for ourselves. When we pray and ask for blessings and miracles and help, we must have a plan, and we have to put forth our own effort. The Lord will fill in the rest, but only after we have done everything we can.

We have a really cool investigator named Maria Trinidad. Elder Smalley and Elder Amaller contacted her house over a week ago and gave her a Book of Mormon. We came back after a week, and she said, "I've been reading a bit in the book you left..." Turns out, she's already in Jacob! Woohoo! We've been working well with the Relief Society president and the bishop to fellowhip her, and she came to church with the president yesterday. 

We are also teaching Juan Diego, but his story is becoming a lot like Jesús Javier's, who was supposed to be baptized on Saturday. We went to go meet his father yesterday, but he didn't want to come out to greet us. They both come from the group of kids who play Nazi Zombies in the bishop's cyber every day (all day). Juan Diego is a super cool kid. Both of his parents are nearly constantly working, and you can see that he just doesn't really have much of a home life. He's come to consider Elder Smalley and his brothers. We love him a lot, and we're trying to help him come closer to the Savior. 

Drunk people still bother us daily. I haven't gotten any better and fending them off, I just carry more Word of Wisdom pamphlets.

I'm once again trying to prepare a ward choir for their ward conference. Colhuacan is a great ward, but there sure are some tone-deaf singers. It wouldn't be so hard if all of the young women weren't constantly texting during the rehearsals and complaining every time they have to stand up. 

Mexico is still cool and the Gospel is still true. I love preaching it and helping others and I love my mission. I certainly have the need to tighten up the screws sometimes and keep my eye single to the glory of God, and I'm working to fulfill my potential.Thanks for all of the support and love! Continue seeking missionary experiences daily and supporting other ward members. Always obey random commands from missionaries at the end of their letters. Animo! 

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