Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dangerous Lizards 5-28-12

 Dangerous Lizards

 El Dorado is awesome. It's an adventure just riding around the place. Everyone I talk to engages me in crazy stories. For example: Elder Soto and I were teaching a woman in her backyard and a lizard crawled out onto the wall. She said, "Those lizards are really dangerous."
"Why? Are they poisonous or something?"
"No, it's because they eat lots of bugs and stuff."
"What? I don't really see why that-"
"One time, one of our neighbors was making chocolate milk for her daughter, and the lizard fell into the milk and she didn't notice. The little girl drank it and just fell over and died. Those lizards sure are dangerous." Lesson learned. Check chocolate milk for lizards.

We have Nuvia's baptism scheduled for this week. However, due to her complicated situation, it's sort of dependent on us finding a job for her that lets her take Sundays off. 

When I first got here, our bikes were broken, so we walked everywhere the first day. My companion ended up with really bad blisters and couldn't walk. So I spent two days running around the area with ward members and I don't know to find investigators I've never met. It's been interesting.

New fruit of the week: Chicos. I think they only exist here in El Dorado. It looks like horse poop on the outside. I can't really compare it to anything. It's... sweet. Rating:7/10

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