Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bus Accident


Well, this is turning out to be one of the most complicated changes ever for the El Dorado district. We received cambios especiales today. (...emergency transfers?) Elder Maldonado is heading out to Guamuchil tomorrow and Elder Amaller is coming to be my new companion. (He was Elder Schwab's companion in my last district). I'm really excited and sad at the same time, because Elder Amaller is really cool, but so is Elder Maldonado. And Elder Maldonado happens to know the area a lot better than me, because I've hardly been here at all this transfer. I haven't even met many of the new investigators from the last week while I was at seminary. But everything should go as smoothly as things ever go in the mission. 

New experience of the week. First car accident! Except I was on a bus. The Culiacán buses are notorious for being like a night club on a roller coaster. They're decked out inside with strobe lights and neon and banda music blasting (some even have big plasma TVs with banda music videos playing). And the drivers are generally insane. Some other missionaries and I were heading to seminary in the morning during the week, and a car tried to cut off the bus, so we ran into it. And then we walked the rest of the way through the city. We were only going like five miles per hour.

Seminary was great. During four days, we had classes with President and Sister Cantú for most of the day, and went out to work in Culiacán for a few hours to apply what we were learning. We learned a lot of really good stuff. The importance of representing Jesus Christ and acting accordingly. Working with the appropriate motives (love for the people and desire to help them come unto Christ). How to utilize specific prayer in order to work miracles and find the elect. 

Applying what we were learning during the week went really well. Elder Cruz and I taught a woman named Nancy, whose husband had recently passed away. I've never felt like the plan of salvation applied so well to someone as we explained the doctrine. She came to realize that her husband is being taught the Gospel as well as her, and is probably accepting it and  hoping that she does too. It was a very spiritual lesson even though her baby was screaming the whole time. We also managed to have a really cool lesson with a couple who goes to the church of the Jehovah's Witnesses. They had a marker board up on the wall, and on it we drew the cycle of dispensations and apostasies, and the organization of Christ's primitive church as we taught.

Bye! (No luck with photos).

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