Monday, June 4, 2012

Conference and Semana Santa



We brought an investigator, Luís, to the priesthood session of general conference. He has a bit of a complicated family situation, and currently is living separated from his wife. When President Eyring spoke on family relationships and how to solve conflicts, he was really deeply affected and inspired. And he loved President Monson's talk as well. It was really cool to see how the conference affected him, while battling through all of the unrecognizable church jargon of "quorumes" and "diáconos" and so forth. Conference really was great. Working to bring investigators to conference, I recognized that I'm really not serving a mission for me, but for the people I serve. I think most of the Spanish in the conference talks went over my companions heads, but we were able to bring a few people to come a really hear and feel what was being said. Which is ultimately the point.

In our area, I feel somewhat like we're now starting from square one. We were able to find new people during the week, but they've all been dropped now, and other investigators who we had aren't really progressing. So, we're really pumped about finding new investigators this week! And this week is actually "Semana Santa," which should be interesting. I guess it's kind of Easter. I'm not really sure. But, everyone seems to separate into two groups: those who celebrate by watching the religious movies and thinking a bit more about Christ, and those who celebrate by drinking and partying a lot. We'll be looking for the first group, but it's almost certain that we'll have to wade through lots of people from the second group to find them.

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