Monday, March 28, 2011

Chicken Bones

With this Monday came transfers! I'm still in Costa Rica. Elder Brassard left to Culiacàn, and I am now with Elder Merrell from Parker, Colorado. He seems really funny; I was immediately impressed by the way he works as we stepped of the bus to Costa Rica. He was greeting everyone, and we talked to a few people in a hair salon, and he had them laughing in a few seconds. So, I'm really excited to work with him for this transfer.

A missionary who is just leaving the MTC will be Elder Richins' companion (a missionary who currently living with us). Elder Richins and Elder Merrell will be at Concilio (I don't know what that is in English) for Tuesday and Wednesday, so during those two days, I'll be training the new companion. I'm pretty excited, but I'm honestly pretty nervous. Mostly it's going to be really fun, and involve a lot of "¿Cómo? ¿Cómo? ¿Qué dijo?" unless he's just a Spanish whiz.

We had a baptismal service for Fernando on Saturday. His mom is a member, but has been less active in the last few years. Their family has come to church every week since we met them, and there are always a few neighbor kids tagging along. We had 13 people in the van that we brought by to give them a ride to the baptismal service! His mom, Hermana Luísa, is seriously a referral master. She usually won't even let us start teaching until she has brought some of her neighbors over, and we have found a lot of new investigators that way. Fernando's baptism was really neat. He is impressively mature, being the man of the house at 12 years old. Him and his younger sister, Yadira, are total jokesters. Their favorite joke is just to tell us that our pen fell, and then yelling "Made you look!" It never gets old! A lot of members and friends and investigators came to the baptism. Those services are like magic for investigators who are considering getting baptized.

Dad, I think you need to reconvince me why motorcycles are dangerous. The more time I spend in Mexico, the more I want one. Also, is there any health reason not to eat chicken bones?

Elder Tingey

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