Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Musical Number

The Warriors - This is for David Bybee and Dylan Self. When I saw this I laughed and laughed.

El Dorado Zone Conference
We've had a really fun a complicated week. Last week we had a conference all of the zones near Culiacán. President Cantú gave us a lot of counsel. It was a lot about having faith. The missionaries who are having yhe most success in the mission have the most faith that their investigators will get baptized, demonstrated by the fact that they have always set goals for baptism during the first lesson. We've been changing the way we teach by following this counsel: we challenge new investigators to be baptized during the first lesson, and if they're not interested, we invite them to church, but don't really spend more time teaching them. We spend our time finding those who are prepared to be taught and to really gain testimonies.
Elder Larkin and Elder Pearson (missionaries from the MTC district) and I sang a special musical number for the conference, which was extremely fun. I miss singing with them. It was strange to see how much they've changed just in the amount of time that we've been here in Mexico. It makes me wonder how much I have changed.
Love, Elder Tingey
Elder Brassard and my cliche mexican wedding photo without smile.

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