Monday, March 7, 2011

Lots of Pasta

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March 7, 2011:

It is so cool to hear about what's going on with everyone. I can't believe these mission calls! Hearing about Tyler going to London and Dillon going to Brazil makes me so excited! My guess for Oliver is Paris, the one in France.

I love getting letters from people in the ward. I'm so grateful to read them and have that support. Thanks to Sister Young's class! I've gotten a couple from Sisters in the ward. It's difficult to respond to everyone, but I really enjoy them. Thank you!

Packages should go to the mission office. Everything goes to the mission office. I can always do with more ties and food. Oh man... I was really hungry and I started thinking about Extreme Air Heads recently... that was bad. I'm really enjoying living as cheaply as possible right now. I just bought a bunch of fruit and eggs for this entire last week. Tomatoes are one peso! Can you believe it?

Dad, Elder Brassard reminds me a lot of you in the way the he doesn't go halfway with anything. Uncle Chad told me about how he recommended a brand of beef jerky to you, and you bought one of every flavor to find the best one, which was a ton of jerky. I made some pasta for Elder Brassard and he said, "This is SO good! And cheap!" and the next Preparation Day he bought 12 bags of pasta. I believe he now has 10.5 bags of pasta.

We're teaching two brothers, Noe (Noah) and Noel, whose older brother, Alfredo, is a recent convert. They remind me a lot of myself, Jacob and Ben, if we were constantly in a really frivolous mood. They're insane. We met them while looking for Alfredo, and then taught them about the restoration of the Gospel. They are both really excited to get baptized. We left a part of the Book of Mormon for them to read. When we came back the next day, Noel had read the chapter we left, and then hid the book so Noe wouldn't be able to answer any of the questions about the reading! Aside from that, they're really smart. Noel was quoting parts of 3 Nephi 11 to us after having read it just once. People usually don't really understand everything the first time reading it.

We are also teaching Luís, who is dating Lupita, who is a member. I think young women in the church attribute to about 75% of missionary work in the world. They're awesome. Luís is really fun to teach. We challenged him to be baptized and he accepted.

Costa Rica is awesome. Why didn't anyone tell me how much fun missions are? We're really enjoying ourselves and helping a lot of families by bringing them the message of the Gospel!


Elder Tingey

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