Monday, May 16, 2011


The area of Angostura is comprised of many small towns. Some of them are VERY small. This geography means that we spend a lot of time traveling each day. We hitchhike every day to different ranchos in our area. In one of the furthest towns, Cerro de los Sanchez, we have an extension of the sacrament meeting on Sundays. It's under a tree! I'm often reminded of the early missionaries and the beginnings of the church when I'm in little places like this where the church is just beginning to grow. Whenever we go out to Cerro de los Sanchez to teach, we usually only get a ride part of the way there, and then have a long, long walk. On one side, there are endless fields of corn. On the other, there is a canal - where we skip rocks - and then endless fields of corn.

The church building in Angostura is not a chapel, but instead, a house of prayer. It's quite a bit different than other church buildings, because it's just a house that has been converted to be a church. It's pretty nice though; it has everything we need, including a keyboard! I was able to play for the branch on Sunday on that little keyboard.
I remembered that the sun gives you cancer, so I started using sun block.
I'll be teaching the youth's class in church each week. I was called to be the teacher for my Elder's Quorum in my ward at BYU, which was mostly comprised of return missionaries. I didn't do great, but I did learn a bit about how to teach to a class. I really want to gain a love for teaching during my mission; I'm comfortable teaching to investigators, but I was bit nervous to teach this class on Sunday. It ended up going really well, and I have a strong desire to become a better teacher and always be prepared to teach.

Elder Tingey

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