Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Mexcio Celebrates the Birth of Charles Daniel Schrohowsky! Parades (there's actually a parade of a band and about a hundred guys on horseback passing the cyber right now) and fireworks in the streets throughout the night! Everyone gets baptized!

It's strange to join the ranks of unclehood, especially when I think about how cool all of my uncles are. Charlie looks really good, and slightly Asian. I'm excited to meet him. Congratulations Kate and Daniel!

The Mexicans have their own versions of the hymns. I don't know where they came from, but they're the same in everyone branch I've been to. There's just little differences between the tune that everyone sings and the music. It makes playing piano pretty exciting; sometimes I'm just sitting at the bench trying to hold back laughter and find where I am in the music.

Two separate members of the ward approached us and mentioned that we would need to come by there houses and possibly perform exorcisms this week. So we scheduled some appointments, and we'll see how that goes.

Elder Monroy is the man. He is a really faithful and humble missionary. His love for the people comes through in nearly all of his actions. I'm really enjoying working with him.

I've realized that it's all about the basics with those we teach. The "first lesson" is about the restoration of the Gospel, or how the church and authority that Jesus Christ established were lost, and later restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. If we teach some part of that in our first visit with someone, the whole intent of the lesson is to help the investigators see the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it to know if it's true. And really, if they are missing that basic understanding, progression is difficult. We're working on simplifying our teaching of the first lesson to really help other's understand that concept. Once they basics are down - a testimony of the Book of Mormon - everything else can fall into place.

We had a really good planning session on Friday that helped me to look at our investigators and see that many of them lacked the basics. Good planning leads to success!

Elder Tingey

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