Monday, June 13, 2011

Actions instead of words.

We're teaching one guy named Armando, who is the son of our recent convert, Guadalupe, and the brother of another recent convert, Agustín. He's funny. He doesn't speak a whole lot, and seems to try to use actions as often as possible instead of words. He can talk fine and respond normally and everything, he just wants to sign things out for some reason. It gives his communication a lot of character; when he says "no," he just shakes his finger. We were watching the Restauration video with him, and it came to the main part - as Joseph Smith is kneeling in the grove - and he got up and motioned that he was going to eat and would be back in a second. Hold yer horses, Armando, we're just getting to to the good part. We were teaching him and I said, "Armando, did you like church last Sunday?" He just patted his stomach. "So, yes? No?" Later on, I asked, "Armando, who is God for you?" and he just patted his stomach again. "Hmm... yeah, God is everything, isn't he?" At thirty years old, he's the second youngest of seven, so we left him a reading task the chapter in the Book of Mormon when Laman and Lemuel are wailing on Nephi and Sam with sticks.

Another investigator, Benito, is really cool. He's intelligent and well-studied in the Bible, and really genuine about learning the Gospel. Because we were a bit disorganized, we didn't manage to teach him for a while after we first met him when he sat it on another lesson. Since that time, he went to church twice ON HIS OWN. That is particularly miraculous here. It's a battle to get any investigator to go, even when they really want to. We visited him last night, he told us that he had been praying, and felt strongly that investigating the Book of Mormon and the church is a really good path to follow, although he still has his doubts. It's so cool. That's how it works. Simply, through prayer with true intent.
Congratulations Elise! BYU is awesome, enjoy it.

(No pictures, this computer doesn't work for attachments. Next week, there should be a bunch.)

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