Monday, June 27, 2011

Baja: I ate a McMuffin this morning.

I'm in a whole different world here in the Baja. Sinaloa: I didn't see a single white person (excluding the missionaries) for six months. Baja: I ate a McMuffin this morning. In one of my first days here, a car stopped in the middle of the street and someone called out, "Hey, are you Elders?" in English. Turns out, they were a really nice Mormon couple from St. George, who took us out to lunch. Of course, we ate Thai food. But man, that was so strange. I've had to get used to responding in English again pretty quickly, because there were more Americans in church on Sunday, and people are more generally bilingual here. Other than that, it really has been a pretty trying week. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When arrived in my new area, there really wasn't much going on. I have had to work really hard through the week, and we've found a few new people to teach. Towards the end, people started to appear out of nowhere. For example, a woman pulled up next to us in her car and said, "Hey! Where have you been? You two never came back to my house!" She was a former investigator, and we'll definitely go back with her. A few other people we've found: Gilberto and Gabi: After a long day of trying to meet all of the active members in my area and knocking on a lot of doors, we hadn't really seen much success. In the evening, Gilberto and Gabi were sitting in front of their house, so we contacted them and taught a lesson. The Spirit was extremely strong towards the end, and we challenged them to be baptized next month. Gilberto was really prepared to talk to us. During the beginning of the lesson, he was saying to his wife: I'm going to want to meet with them again; I want to go to church with them on Sunday. Hey! That's what we want too! Roman: We were walking towards our apartment, and Roman stepped out of a house and blocked our path, so I shook his hand and we presented ourselves. He was extremely drunk. He said, "You preach, huh? Preach to me!" and invited us back to his house. We told him we would definitely like to come sometime when he's less drunk, but he told us that if we didn't come, he'd punch both of us in the face. So, in the end we went to his house. Roman told us we had to cook, or we couldn't be friends. (If this story doesn't make a lot of sense, it's because Roman wasn't making very much sense). My companion started whipping up some eggs and quesadillas. The next day we went back when he was only hungover; he is really interested in coming to church with us, and is also preparing for a baptismal date next month. So, things are quite a bit different, and really quite difficult here in San Josè. We'll be working really hard this next week.

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