Monday, July 18, 2011

In a devotional in the MTC, I was told of the necessity of 3 things: love for the people, love for your companion, and love for your mission president. I'm trying to improve my ability to have charity towards others, and I'm beginning to recognize why it's so necessary.

Two of the people we're currently teaching are named Cuco and Tere. We knocked on the door a week and half ago; they had heard from other missionaries before and were very accepting. We left them with a Book of Mormon and the invitation to read it and pray to know of it's veracity. Afterwards, it had been difficult to teach them again because they seem to always be occupied, but Saturday morning, we went to their house early and found them! Cuco told us that he had been reading and praying, and he bore simple and fervent testimony to us that he knew it was a true book. I asked him if he thought he would be able to join us in church on Sunday, and he said, "No, I'm going to go. Even if Teri doesn't want to, I am going." Teri came too! Both of them are preparing to be baptized, but they're both currently involved in divorces that will need to be completed before they can be married and baptized! So... we meet again, Mexican bureaucracy.

Ulises, a recent convert, has a djembe! So I was jamming on that for a bit, when he pulled out a pair of drumsticks as well. And then we proceeded to grab all of the hittable items in his house, and after a while had a collection of buckets and bowls and bottles for a rocking percussion jam session. Ward talent show, here we come!

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