Monday, July 11, 2011

Member support.

We had a baptismal service! Estrella, Marìa Luisa and Carlos were baptized. It was really fun, and a lot of ward members came to support them.

We've really started to see some success with finding new people to teach in the area this week. I've started referring to a certain apartment building as the Magic House. We were teaching a family (Miguel and Isabel) outside of their apartment, and during the lesson, the neighbor walked out and said: "Hey! I'm Mormon! Come teach my girlfriend." When we were teaching that family (Carlos and Monsey), they told us that we should meet the family above (Fabiola and Victor) as well. So we went to meet them, and now were teaching them too! And there are still a few doors that we haven't knocked on yet.

We had a cool experience with Fabiola and Victor. We went to knock on their door, and Fabiola answered and said: "Sorry, we're eating right now. Also, we go to another church." We told them that we would come by some other time, but later that day, we were waiting for another appointment (Miguel and Isabel) to show up, and Fabiola and Victor invited us up for some Horchata! Victor said that while he was living in Mexico City, there was a chapel nearby where the missionaries would have meetings often, and he had always been curious about what we do. They had a lot of questions for us, and we just answered the questions and bore simple tesimony of our purpose, and the effect was very strong. That helped me to recognize the importance of maintaining an appropriate missionary being at all times. If Victor had seen a group of rowdy 20-something year olds in Mexico City instead of the missionaries, representing Jesus Christ, he would have been understandably less curious. We cannot rest from what we do because of what we represent.

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