Monday, July 25, 2011

Loving your companion

Our recent convert, Maria Luìsa, had been waiting for a long time to
be able to be baptized, and was finally able to do so because her
boyfriend moved out. So, she got baptized, but then her boyfriend came
back! That seemed kind of unfortunate, but it's turned out to be a
blessing. Maria Luìsa has 8 kids! Marino, her boyfriend, never seemed
to want to help out much with the kids, and never really wanted much
to do with the missionaries, but something has changed. They're
planning on getting married in the beginning of August, he's been
super good with the kids, and he's completely opened up to us and has
been coming to church with us in the past few weeks. We set a
baptismal date with him for the beginning of August, after their
wedding. At first, I was under the impression that Marino was making
those changes for some benefit that he could recieve, but the more
time I've spent teaching him, the more surprised I've been by how
genuine he is about everything.

I'm doing well. This transfer has been more difficult than most, but
things are improving. Elder Cervera and I are both learning a lot
about how to love your companion. I want to always do my best to be
diligent and obedient, having no regret. I'm striving to be more
faithful; doing my best requires a lot of reliance on the Lord. "The
only thing you can know is that you don't know anything."

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