Monday, August 1, 2011

Cuco, Cambios, Cebische, Crepas, Elder Crab

We arrived just in time to Hermana Maria Luìsa's house to pretend we had helped bake the bread!

Here's Carlos and Monsey's crepe stand! They're some really good friends who just don't seem to be able to find the chapel on Sunday afternoons when they've promised that they'll come. But the do make some really good crepes!

The music that I appreciated most is dynamic. The focus is often more on the gaps between the music than the notes themselves. Sometimes, the sound of silence is the most impressive. My mission is a little like that on a grand scale, and of a smaller measure, a really good lesson can be that way as well.

A really busy weekend feels unfortunately like Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue." There's no break! It's a great weekend, but it's like being blasted with stress for 48 hours straight. I often feel like that's what the mission is all about: being as busy as possible and filling every moment with work. However, some of the better weekends are more like Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor." They are still really intense, but the breaks in that intensity have just as much importance as the busy times. I hope I can eventually find a "Moonlight" sonata type of balance in the missionary work I do, and it's because those times when silence sounds, the Spirit speaks. Within a lesson, a bit of silence is almost necessary if the Holy Ghost is going to have an active teaching role. I'm trying to improve the balance in my work so that the Spirit really is the third member of our companionship.

Cuco - the investigator who needed to be divorced and then married to be baptized - is awesome, and such an example of faith for me. We told him that steps he needed to take, and he started immediately. We went by his house on Thursday, and they were preparing to leave to Veracruz to start the divorce process. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel, and he acts on it.
This transfer was a bit rough because Elder Cervera and I had some difficulties in our companionship unity. However, on Friday, we had a conversation and were really honest and open about what had been upsetting us, and basically solved all of our problems. The end of the transfer was really great. And so, we made up just in time for Elder Cervera to be transferred to San Lucas! That means we're still in the same zone.

Which brings me to the new transfer. I will be training. I think my trainee's name is Elder Crab. I am really, really excited, and bit nervous. The attitudes and habits that I exhibit as a trainer will be... extremely influential on my companion for a long time, so I'm going to do my best.
Elder Cervera and I helped out at a Young Men's activity when they learned to make Ceviche, which ended up being Elder Tingey (with his powerful contact lenses) cuts all of the onions while the Young Men all leave the room trying to fight onion-provoked tears.

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