Monday, August 15, 2011

We had a bit of a let down this week. A lot of our time we spent preparing a baptismal service for Jesabel on Saturday. We were visiting the family each day throughout the week, and brought a few members with us to their house. On Friday, we spent a good portion of the evening inviting members to the service, and on Saturday we had everything prepared. Jesabel never showed up! And now the family has had to move back to Mexico City, so we weren’t able to find out really well what inhibited her from coming. We’ve just prayed a lot that everything goes well for her.

Every second week of the month, we have missionary Sunday! So all four of us in the San Josè 2 district spoke. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost: His role and mission, the way we can receive guidance from Him, and the importance of following the impressions or guidance we receive. It’s strange how personal experiences from years past just work their way out of the folds of my brain when I need them, even if I had never really considered them before.

This week, Elder Crabb and I just want to work ourselves to the bone. Diligence and efficiency are our goals, and I really just want to focus on finding new people. I take comfort in knowing that if we are doing all the right things, we will have the greatest Guide available, so we’ll trust in that guidance.

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