Monday, August 22, 2011

It's taken me a while to realize that I'm not my companions. My companions in the mission have been awesome, and they taught me a lot just through their examples. Sometimes I've been afraid to apply what I know are correct principles. What I've realized is that I can do the work as well as any of those I look up to, I just have to do it in the Lord's way. My diligence has waned a bit as it's worn. It's funny how difficult it is to realize that the grind is genuinely easier when you work harder. It seems paradoxical, but if I am as diligent as possible, I enjoy the work, and I love working hard.

We've instituted a new tradition of the Elder Crabb-Elder Tingey companionship: new fruit week. This weeks fruit: nanches. I give it a 4. Elder Crabb described them as overripe bananas and later as bread-fruit. Another new thing we've been trying out is the concept of "2x4" contacts. Each time we contact, we try to do at least one. For example: "Knock, knock. Hola, buenas tardes. Did you know that Jesus came to the Americas and visited the people here? I have the evidence in my backpack." It's worked well. We've met some great new people this week, and we'll continue to find next week.

We'll be a bit focused this week on our investigators Marino and Daniel, who have their baptismal service planned for this Saturday. Marino and Marìa Luisa's wedding is planned for this week. Daniel is great, but his mom has really odd doubts. For example, we taught the Restauration, and she started quizzing us about the apostle Peter's authority. We taught about the Book of Mormon, and she started up about John the Revelator's final words in Revelations. We taught the Law of Chastity, and she asked about polygamy. That's been fun.

Pray for rain!

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