Monday, October 31, 2011

Los Mochis

Los Mochis is a really cool place. We've had a fun week. Elder Lopez and I just smile. A lot.
We're teaching a girl named Jesica who went to a church activity last week, where one of her friends invited her to listen to the missionaries. The lessons we've had are really fun, because a group of her friends who are members just come with us. She's progressing towards baptism really well and has a lot of support because a bunch of friends are in the church.

We're also working with Hector and his family. When I first went to his house, he showed me about fifty pictures of himself at the Golden Gate bridge, all while wearing short shorts (in the pictures). I don't know their situation as investigators really well because I'm new to the area. I asked whether they had read the Book of Mormon at all, and Hectors wife just said, "Yes, I've read about half." Wow! So they're progressing well too. Hector can't go to church for a little while because of health complications, so they're good friends for the time being.

I forgot how often Sinaloaenses like to tell me their stories about "indocumented" traveling north of the border; my first day, an old guy was telling me that he and twenty other guys swam the Rio Grande and were pursued by immigration officers, all while wearing... nothing. They put their clothes in bags to swim, and had to ditch the bags when immigration showed up. Fun times.

We had a zone conference with Presidente Cantú. We discussed the importance of being an "example of the believers" in various aspects. I can be much better in my conduct and faith. I want to be the same outside and inside, completely without hipocracy. But mostly, I like smiling all the time.

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