Monday, October 24, 2011

My last week in San José was great. We ended up with a few new people at church, including a good friend, Manuel. He came with a tie and everything. He's been progressing really well and is really excited about everything we've been teaching. We found out that BOTH Elder Crabb and I were leaving the area, which is pretty strange. Two new missionaries are coming in our place who don't know anyone or anything, so we had a lot to do to make everything easy for them.
This morning, Elder Crabb and I went our separate ways; I got in a tiny airplane again (all of the missionaries fight to sit in the copilot seat), got on a bus, and now I'm in los Mochis! It's one of the bigger cities in the mission. So, I've returned to Sinaloa. My area is ward called Jardin. Elder Johnson, who was in my district in San José, came all the way with me to be in my district here. All I've really heard a bout los Mochis is that the tap water is drinkable, and the hot dogs are famous. My new companion is Elder Lopez, from Hidalgo, who only has two weeks remaining in the mission. We're certainly in for some good times!

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