Monday, October 17, 2011

San Jose del Cabo

We had our last district meeting of this transfer today. Elder Johnson and I have both been in San Josè for a while, so we don't expect to stay for the next transfer. It's been more difficult after being here for quite a while. I kind of feel like I've tried many different ways of working here, but nothing has been especially successful. It's funny how missionary work really is easier when you work harder. It seems paradoxical.

I don't know if I mentioned Ximena or the family Guadarrama, but they are some of the main investigtors we were working with this week. They've been visited by tons of missionaries over the last few years (including one of my teachers from the MTC). Ximena is the daughter, and we are helping her progress towards baptism with the hope that her parents will want to get married so that they can be baptized as well. However, they really have not progressed since we met them, and didn't make it to church again yesterday. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with them this week. We are really trying to seek the guidance of the Spirit and find out how we can help them in some way that all of the many missionaries that have come through weren't able to. They actually have a Book of Mormon that about seven missionaries have signed after visiting them for a while.

Elder Crabb, Elder Johnson and Elder Hernandez all spoke in curch yesterday. I played piano, having given talks three months in a row. We don't really have a whole lot going in our area right now, but we're pumped to do everything we can to change that for the following week.

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