Monday, July 23, 2012

Book of Mormon and Bible support each other

Elder Tingey in La Paz

Well, la Paz has been interesting so far. My first lesson was with a
German woman recieving a pedicure. The rest of my lessons have been
with Mexicans.

I ran into Elder Bueno from Michael Shaw's mission. Turns out the
thing about the missionaries wearing giant sombreros in Tijuana is

Evan Lipman, fear not. Your letter is on the way. Ammon Chung, do I
have to write you even though you are now in America?

The ward and bishop seem great. They haven't had a pianist for a good
while, so everybody was content on Sunday. I'm really excited to work
here. We have a baptism next weekend: the Ríos family. The parents
converted about ten years ago and became less active, but are now
coming back into full church activity. Their kids, Perla and Jesus,
are going to be baptized next Saturday. Brother Ríos showed us
pictures of the sister missionaries who taught them when they were
baptized, and referred to them as his "madrinas," or godmothers.
Funny, funny apostasy. We watched the animated scripture cartoon of
Lehi's dream with them. I did not remember it being that intense
(people fall off cliffs and buildings and die), but it had a good
message, and I think Perla, Jesús and Lizbeth (five years old) will
remember it (in their nightmares).

I did divisions with Elder Vasquez and Elder Petersen. We sang many
things. We taught many people. We had a lesson with one of their
investigators that was pretty cool. With many investigators, it's a
struggle to discover what their doubts are in order to resolve them.
She was really frank, like: Behold, my doubts, Solve them please. Her
first doubt was, "For you guys, the Book of Mormon is like a Bible,
but for me it's just not a Bible." We read Mormon 7:9 and explained
how the two books of scripture are written to support each other and
allow us to understand the Gospel more clearly. She had a bunch of
doubts about going to church, but we helped her resolve them as well,
and the Spirit was really strong. And then she went to church on
Sunday! Woohoo! Also, at the end of the lesson, a mango fell out of
her tree and almost hit me, so I ate it.

Mexican graveyards are crazy

Elder Ovando

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