Tuesday, July 31, 2012

La Paz, Perla and Jesus

I don't have a whole lot of time due to some adventures wading through cyber café technology from way back when, so I'll speed things up with a photo adventure!
Emptying a filling the baptismal font in each area is like arriving to a new island on Myst. So many knobs, levers, switches, buttons, hatches, buckets, cockroaches. We successfully emptied cleaned and filled it only by calling the stake president for tips.

A little girl asked me my name at lunch, and as we were leaving, I saw this on their marker board. It represents Mexican hospitality well.

Perla and Jesús were baptized and confirmed! It was great. They're now the majority of the active Primary. In the last lesson we had at their house, Jesús wasn't around when we started. Halfway through, his little sister found him inside a bucket of water nearby with the lid on because of the heat. We made him read a chapter of the Book of Mormon as punishment for unpunctuality. (Joke. The Book of Mormon is true and entertaining! Read it!) The kids and their mom are now active in the church.
I did divisions with Elder Webster, the only other Las Veganite in the mission! We successfully named 38 Vegas casinos together. We ended up doing divisions two nights in a row due to baptismal interviews, which is super irregular, but it was fun. I went to a ward missionary activity in his ward, where we watched "the Restoration" and had trivia questions. Afterward, we ended up explaining about the sacrament and baptism and invited everyone at the activity to baptized. It was cool and a strong spiritual experience.

We recycled the water! Just doing our part. And then we started to spray it at each other. And then we remembered that it's dirty font water.

 It was a good week. I also did divisions with Elder Vasquez, my fellow "rockero." 
I almost can't focus because this cyber is also a gym and there are genres of music playing that didn't exist when I left America. The Gospel is true!

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