Monday, July 16, 2012

Iguana and Guavas


Now I'm in a different state! As of this morning my area is Pioneros
in the city la Paz and my companion is Elder Ovando from Chiapas. I'm
pretty pumped. It was weird to get pulled of El Dorado so suddenly. We
had some great investigators making really good progress. But I'm
ready to work here in my new area and make some miracles happen!

One of my last acts in El Dorado was getting the mission bike stolen
when I left it in front of a store. Dang drug addicts... But they left
my companion's bike alone which was right beside mine. It's because of
my sweet pegs. I borrowed another bike from a member, which also
didn't have brakes. I changed my technique to just making sudden right
turns when a car is going to hit me.

We had an investigator in El Dorado whose name is Àngel. He's a boxer.
One of our last lessons was with him on the grass in front of the
church. We taught the plan of salvation, and the Spirit was
particularly strong, sitting under a tree next to the chapel. Towards
the end of the lesson, Elder Amaller asked, ''What do you have to do
to arrive well to God's presence?" Àngel said, "Well, get baptized,
keep coming to church, go on a mission." Alright!

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Farewell to El Dorado Pizza

Melquiades and District

Most of the branch

Elder Sotito
The famous Taqueria Moreno.  They ever let me wear an apron and hold the big knife.
We contacted a house and Elder Amaller asked if he could take some of their guavas off their tree and proceeded to jump up in the tree and harvest some guavas.
Paletas de litchi.

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