Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unknown Pokeman Sighting

 Salvador Dali's "Deconstruction of the Perception of Elder Tingey's Efficiency" (Having a bike break isn't so bad, because it means we get to go to Federico's bike workshop. He looks like one of those 1930's strongmen guys who are shaped like triangles and just tells us stories about his feats of strength, arm wrestling, and when he made 20,000 pesos just by people betting that he couldn't lift stuff while he fixes the bikes.)

New Fruit of the Week: Yaca. Rating: 4/10 Maybe one of the weirdest things I've ever eaten. It's... good, I guess.The guy who sold it to us said it has 8 flavors, but it mostly just tastes like bubble gum. And I'm against bubble gum. Supposedly, it's from India.

I expected the butterflies that come when I go out of my comfort zone to go away as I had more time in the mission. They haven't, but I've come to like the feeling. On Sunday morning, we were riding around town trying to round people up for church in the morning. We rode past this super buff guy on crutches. One hundred meters down the road, I couldn't shake the feeling to go back and invite him to church. We shook his hand and asked if he had already met the missionaries. He said, "Yeah, but I'm %100 atheist." We invited him to church! He didn't make it, but maybe the impression had a purpose that will come to light further on. Or maybe I was just supposed to have some butterflies in my stomach.

I've started to recognize why church is so rad. I love going and doing my best to apply the lessons and become better each week through what I learn. I try to take out my scriptures and mark it each time a speaker or teacher uses one. People who talk to me in class drive me crazy! Hopefully, the investigators who come can have the same edifying experience.

Today, we're going to go see some crocodiles! Take care.

Unknown Pokèmon sighted!

The Disrict: New Addition = Elder Rodriguez
 Luís Roberto's baptism!



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