Monday, July 2, 2012

Litchis 10/10

My mission is the best! This has been one of my favorite weeks thus far. It was great. New fruit of the week: Litchis. I don't know if I explained the supposed origin of the bizarre, eclectic fruits of El Dorado, but briefly: Some time ago, there was a war in China, so all of the Chinese nobility sent their kids here during the war. Eventually, all of the Chinese kids went back, but they left chicos and litchis. Rating: 10/10. It's the best thing ever. They're super sweet, so much so that the first few I had were kind of overbearing, and then I became completely addicted. I could eat a cold kilo of lichis straight and not be satisfied. They are the lotus flowers of El Dorado. And it's among the strangest looking food around.

Instead of taking the time to explain the Great Apostasy, I've been thinking it might be better just play "Violet Hill" for my investigators.

This week, we've been allowing the Spirit to fully assist in the work, and the results have been awesome. We've utilized the "specific prayer" tool often. We've really been busy. Simply trying to get all of the investigators fellowshipped is a boatload of work. In the district, we had the baptismal service for Silverio and Ramona. It was
fun inviting people: "Hey, a ninety-year-old guy and his 10-year-old great-grandaughter are getting baptized!"

We've been focusing our efforts on an investigator named Itzel. Her sister, Aketzally, is a super strong recent convert from the time when I was in Costa Rica. Her example for her sister has been key in Itzel's conversion. On Saturday, we recieved a message informing us that Itzel decided that she wants to be baptized this coming Friday. Woohoo! So we announced the service in sacrament, where we had a solid group of investigators. I was asked to speak, and so I told the story about eating moths on the Catalina Island trip and related it to the voice of the Spirit.

One of the elderly sisters from the branch passed away Sunday morning. We went with many of the ward members to the wake and had a very powerful moment as we sang a few hymns around the casket in the gloomy weather.

Everything is great! Congratulations to Jacob for graduating like a boss (that means you don't have rules anymore). Oliver, Angry Birds is HUGE here too. No idea why. Trev-sauce and Eric: kudos for completing!
I'll see y-all when we live in Budge again (joke). Family, love you guys. Friends: also. Continue doing the simple but necesary things. Never cease to read, pray and seek the guidance of the Lord.

The monstrous might of the Triadillas

The monstrous might of Elder Amaller!
Them's be fightin' cocks

 Bringing investigators to church. They only made it like three
blocks and then we called for a ride.
Knocking mangos out of the tree after church. (That's Melquiades!
He's my friend, fellow English-speaker, and El Dorado guide. For about
fifety percent of my time here, I've just ridden on the pegs while he
pedals my bike. Totally the man.)
Elder Soto being as legit as legit can be.

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